Top 5 Most Popular custom Wedding Suits

Top 5 Most Popular custom Wedding Suits

An extremely versatile suit, the blue colored groom’s suit goes with almost everything and comes in many different tones. Lighter colors are perfect for spring/summer weddings and they are definitely our best sellers. Matched with custom tailoring and unique customizations, this suit is bound to make any groom or groomsman shine.

Shirt Detail & Construction

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We'll just come out and say it: Our custom shirts are incredible! Here, we will outline why: 


  • We begin by holding a high standard with our fabrics. Only quality, pure materials make it into our collection. (See Brands)

  • Interlinings are what create the shape inside collars and cuffs. Our interlinings come from Germany (Kufner) and are doubled to create comfortable collars and cuffs that retain their shape over time.

  • Because we don't use machine-cut patterns, we are able to match the patterns across the yoke, pockets, cuffs, etc. Often our pockets are nearly invisible.

  • Our high quality shirts are made with single-needle side seams which are less abrasive on the chest.

  • Heat-secured button thread attachment

  • Bottom buttonhole horizontal position for 1/4" added flexibility in waist area

  • Removable Collar Stays


  • 12+ collar choices

  • 10+ cuff choices (barrel or french)

  • 4+ pocket choices

  • 3 rear pleat options

  • 3 placket options

  • Split or plain yoke

  • Darts or no darts

  • Monogram or no monogram (no up-charge--script, block, or custom font)

  • Button Holes customizable (color, position, angle)

  • Contrasting collars and/or cuffs available

  • Contrast seam stitching available

  • Non-conventional customizations are always welcome

Our goal is for you to feel 100% confident ordering our custom shirts and products. Feel free to comment with any questions, concerns or experiences!


Construction Process

Construction Process

Many of our clients ask how the custom manufacturing process works. Sometimes we forget that these processes aren't as normal for you as they are for us. Therefore, we'd like to fill you in. The following is the step-by-step process in which suit jackets, pants, and shirts are made.