Pant Detail & Construction

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Here we will outline the basic construction techniques, materials, and details that go into our custom suit pants/trousers: 


  • We begin by holding a high standard with our fabrics. Only quality materials make it into our collection. (See Brands)

  • Japanese Bemberg linings are inserted to the knee area.

  • Because we don't use machine-cut patterns, we are able to match the patterns across the pockets, cuffs, and pleats etc. Often our pockets are nearly invisible.

  • Our high quality pants have adjustable waistband options for all day comfort.

  • Buttons attached by hand.

  • Curtained waistband with blind seam.

  • Hand folded belt loops with blind seam.


  • Cuff or no cuff

  • 3+ front style options

  • 15+ pocket choices front and rear

  • 3 waistband options

  • 6+ waistband adjustment options

  • Darts or no darts

  • 3+ hem options

  • Laundry tag or no laundry tag (no up-charge--script, block, or custom font)

  • Button Holes are fully customizable

  • Non-conventional customizations are always welcome

    A rubberized waistband, and reinforced heel come standard.  

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