The 5 Rules of Seasonal Fashion

The 5 Rules of Seasonal Fashion

To be appreciated as a man a fashion, you have to understand the rules. For some, these rules seem to be learned naturally or by instinct; seems to be common sense. For those whose sixth sense isn’t fashion, let’s talk about how to dress based on the season. We’ll consider seasonal fabrics, seasonal colors, and seasonal construction that will help take anyone from novice to nobel in the fashion world!

Top 5 Most Popular custom Wedding Suits

Top 5 Most Popular custom Wedding Suits

An extremely versatile suit, the blue colored groom’s suit goes with almost everything and comes in many different tones. Lighter colors are perfect for spring/summer weddings and they are definitely our best sellers. Matched with custom tailoring and unique customizations, this suit is bound to make any groom or groomsman shine.

9 Wardrobe Essentials for Professional Men


1. Grey Suit

A solid grey suit may be the most versatile thing a man can have in his closet. Match it with almost any color of tie or shirt, throw on either black or brown shoes and you’re ready to go.

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2. Navy Suit

Almost as versatile as the grey, navy can be worn with a variety of colors. Wear a solid navy suit multiple times in a week with a different tie/shirt combo and no one will know.


Blue Jacket.jpg

3. Blue Sport Coat

A staple for casual friday or networking events. Pair it with khaki’s or lighter colored slacks and an opened colored shirt.

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4. Casual slacks

Perfect for casual friday, great for summer days with no jacket, or pair it with your favorite sport coat. A good pair of lighter casual slacks can add sophistication and variety to your wardrobe.  


5. white Shirts 

It’s been said that every well dressed man should have 3 crisp white shirts in his closet. A true staple and safe option for any occasion. Whether you are the CEO or the intern, a crisp white shirt always works.


6. Sport Shirt

Weather you are dressing down for casual friday, or looking to add sophisticated variety, a good sport shirt works great with no tie and with or without a jacket.

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7. Shoes

The perfect pair of brown shoes can be worn with blues, greys, earthtones, etc. Go with a leather sole.

Though brown shoes are more versatile, a well dressed man should have a polished pair of lace up black shoes used for the more pivotal meetings and dressed up occasions.

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8. Winter Coat 

A fine winter coat is a must for all men in cooler climates. Weather its worn over the suit coat or just with a shirt and tie, this sophisticated look will add clout and professionalism on those cold days.


9. The Right Accessories 

The finishing touch for the well dressed man is the right accessories. A white pocket square, clean matching socks, a good watch and well tied tie will complete your look.