All of our products are handmade, scissors to cloth, using no machine cut patterns or computer automated design (CAD) systems.  We take 28 measurement and body specifications to create all individual wardrobe pieces. These measurements are taken in detail down to the quarter inch and used to cut a pattern unique to your body. We pride ourselves in the use of old-world tailoring methods to achieve a more personalized, thorough approach. Feel free to learn more about our construction methods and product details by following the link below.


We know that you're busy. You generally don't enjoy multiple trips to the mall or the alteration shop, and you know that shopping online is a gamble. We meet with you in your home or office to alleviate all of that hassle. Our appointments are enjoyable and informative, and our subscription programs can literally provide all of the clothing you need each year in a single appointment. Learn more about our ultra-convenient programs here.

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H.M. Cole has rights to source some of the most exclusive and powerful brands in the clothing industry. Our ability to represent these brands highlights our commitment to offer clients the best products available. We produce all of our clothing in custom form and source the raw materials from a list of the most reputable sources in Italy, Britain, and America.