Perfect Fit Guarantee

We understand that when you love our products, you will gladly tell others about us. That's why our perfect fit guarantee is so important to us. The vast majority of garments we produce fit perfectly the first time. However, we understand that all bodies are unique. If anything about the fit of your garment is unsatisfactory, we will be happy to make alterations free of charge within 90 days of delivery. If you are still not satisfied after alterations have been made, we will be happy to send it back for alterations for a second and final effort. We will remake the garment once if you are unsatisfied with the fit and the garment is not alterable. Because each garment is handmade to the specific measurements of each customer, we do not offer refunds. 



Unless otherwise stated, we plan for initial delivery of our products in about 3 weeks. This is generally 3-6 weeks faster than the industry standard. We also provide two rush delivery options for urgent orders. When necessary, we can produce and deliver many of our products in as little as 5-7 business days.

Customer alterations were only 1% of company revenue in 2016
— H.M. Cole