Provo Fittings

Our Provo, Utah region is fully equipped to service all of your wardrobe needs. Custom Suits, custom shirts, Allen Edmonds shoes, belts, ties, and accessories are all offered in the Utah County area in the convenience of your home or office. H.M. Cole can create anything from a reasonably priced wedding suit to a luxury bespoke suit. As always, all of our suits are tailor made to you. You will love the design options and attention to detail of our custom fit suits. 

Personal Clothier: Michael McConkie
Phone: 719-466-0940




Most Popular in Provo

  1. H.M. COLE Signature Custom Suits
  2. Allen Edmonds 
  3. VBC blazers
  4. Ariston Overcoats
  5. H.M. COLE Custom Slacks