Custom Suit Outfitters in Pittsburgh, PA


Pittsburgh Fittings

H.M. Cole offers custom, convenient luxury to the Pittsburgh market everyday. We drive through all of the Steel City's tunnels and over the bridges to reach our clients and hand deliver their custom clothing. 

Personal Clothier: Jim Weir

Phone: 412-915-8573



Let our style consultants come directly to you to meet and help personalize your look. We feel that every man should have the freedom to express himself through custom clothing and attire. The secret to a great suit is about more than just fabrics, it's also about having the perfect measurements and fit for your body. 

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Do you have a wedding, or business event coming up? A bespoke men's suit from H. M. Cole may be just what you need for the occasion. Talk with us about how to create the best look for your next big event.

How it Works


Call 801-535-4604 to learn how we can help you create a better suit buying experience. If you're tired of sifting through department store racks and ending up with ill-fitting clothing, we can help change all that. When you call us, we'll send one of our professional style consultants to meet with you in your own home or office, or at a location of your choice anywhere in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area.

STEP TWO: Get measured and fitted

One of our professional style consultants will help you build your own attire from a selection of fine fabric swatches and materials. You can design your own suit, shirts, and slacks, and we'll take 28 measurements so that your clothing fits just right for your unique body. 


H. M. Cole will record all of your measurements and selections, and then pass them on to our own factory where one of our tailors will hand-make your order. Once your order is ready, we will personally check your order for quality before shipping it to your door. 

And just like that, you'll be able to enjoy the pleasure of custom fitted suits and attire from H. M. Cole. 

Why Custom Clothing with H. M. Cole?

Our Pittsburgh, PA clients are loyal to our product, mainly because our suits are hand made with fine Italian fabrics, and we offer a perfect fit guarantee. This means that, in addition to providing you with the best, most comfortable wools and cloths, we stand by our guarantee so that you know you're getting a perfect fit. Another aspect of H. M. Cole that customers in Pittsburgh enjoy is our measuring process. We like to say that H. M. Cole is more than just a suit company, H. M. Cole is an experience. Our style consultants bring a fresh, personalized experience to you when you buy a suit from us so that we really get to know our clients. It's an experience that you just won't find in a department store.

We look forward to helping you meet your style needs.