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CUSTOM  Convenient  LUXURY

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Our idea for custom clothing is simple. We offer luxury products that are handmade in our own factory and delivered to you from Salt Lake City, Utah in just 3 weeks. You can shop with us in whatever way is most convenient for you: online or in-store. 


Our prestigious brand sourcing, detailed measuring profile, and quality construction combine to provide every aspect you need to build a proper wardrobe. From our custom tailored suits & shirts to our shoes and wedding packages, we're proud to introduce you to our product line.

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Because we own our own factory, we can stand behind our products with confidence. We promise you an unbeatable value, a perfect fit guarantee for all garments, and a delivery of your order in an industry leading timeline of just 3 weeks.


Walk-ins are always welcome but we invite you to schedule a consultation with your H.M. Cole Personal Clothier to design the next piece of your wardrobe. We look forward to establishing a long-standing, valuable relationship.

We're here to help! Call us at 385-229-4447 to book an appointment or get more information.

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