Phoenix Fittings

H.M. Cole carries the perfect range of custom suit materials for the Phoenix market. Even the hot Phoenix sun shouldn't stop you from looking great. That's why we carry lightweight, breathable wools along with our four-seasons materials to make things a little more comfortable in your bespoke suits. Maybe you could try one of our lightweight custom shirts to go underneath a half-lined Vitale Barberis Canonico lightweight jacket? Whatever it is you're looking for, we carry a range of options that will add detail and variety to your suits and shirts. 

Personal Clothier: Brett Skinner
Phone: 480-433-2515


Beating the Phoenix Suns

Aside from color, there are multiple ways to construct clothing so that it stays light and doesn't get too hot. A half-lined or unstructured jacket leaves much more wool exposed, which has natural heat-regulating properties. Less canvasing, less lining, and less shoulder padding can make a fitted jacket feel nearly as light as a shirt when combined with the right weight of fabric. There is no need to buy a baggy suit so that it flails around in the wind to achieve breathability. A well-fitted, custom suit can achieve the same comfort when made for that purpose.  Then, when it comes time for the cool, dry chills of the Phoenix winter, pure wool once again regulates the heat to help you feel warm in that same suit. We've got you covered. 

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